Visitor Stories

We will share the stories of our visitors here with you.

Linda's Story:

“Linda” is a widow who lives in the area and visits the Neighbors Being Human food pantry a few times a month. Her husband passed away within the last few years, she lives alone with her two dogs, and has no immediate family. Linda is on a fixed income, and with the cost of basic necessities rising, she is struggling to make ends meet. Linda depends on the pantry for food, winter clothing, and sometimes donated old furniture that she could use around the house.

Holidays are especially tough on her since her husband and very recently one of her dogs passed away. In addition to supplies, Linda depends on the companionship we provide week in and week out to help get her through, especially during the holiday season.

Linda is a wonderful human being. Without your donations, her life would be more difficult than it already is. Please help…

A Retired Couple's Story:

We had a new family visit us at the pantry, an elderly couple with three cats. The past couple of months they have been living in a tent in campgrounds, but this week the campgrounds will close to tents for the winter season. There is very limited emergency housing available in Suffolk County, and the waitlists are closed. If they want to go to a shelter, they have to give up their three cats, as pets are not permitted.

We asked them where will they live, they said in rest stops on the highways, that’s the only place they can sleep in their van without being asked to move from the police. They have been going to pantries and are being turned away because they are not from that community or town.