Blessing Boxes

When the pantry is not open, you can visit one of our Blessing Boxes.

Blessing Boxes are mini-pantries and regularly stocked with food items and basic necessities, available 24 hours a day.

Locations of Blessing Boxes:

•Cathedral Pines County Park - Middle Island, NY
116 Yaphank Middle Island Rd. - Middle Island, NY

•Southaven County Park - Yaphank, NY

•Grace Episcopal Church - Riverhead, NY
573 Roanoke Ave. - Riverhead, NY

•St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church - Yaphank, NY
244 E
ast Main St. - Yaphank, NY

•Blydenburgh County Park - Smithtown, NY

•Indian Island County Park - Riverhead, NY

You can also help to stock the Blessing Boxes with your shelf stable food donations!